Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pasadena, Where You At?

As a few already know, I just very recently relocated from sunny San Diego, CA to sunny Pasadena, CA.  And above are a few thumbnails while exploring the new town.  Also, if any locals here have any recommendations on good places to eat, visit, or sketch around here, drop me line -- I'd like to know about em!


my line said...


Gulzar said...

Yep, couldn't disagree with the top lad.
Real rad stuffs here you smooth operator.

Anthony Price said...

Nice, we should definitely hang now that you're in Pasadena!

Laura Braga said...

Hi Chris,
these sketches are very suggestive! Great line!
my compliments and good works!
See U :)

Adam said...

Great sketches you have here!

C.Deboda said...

Thanks guys. :)