Saturday, November 22, 2008

Rainy Clutter City / Tag

A slightly different take on the same image from the previous post below.


Also, looks like I recently got "tagged" by &rew. I'll play along just this once.

Tag rules
-You must link to the individual who tagged you and post the rules of TAG.
-Post 7 random facts about you.
-Tag 7 bloggers and link to them.
-Let them know that they have been tagged by leaving a message on their blog.

Random facts about me:
1. I write/draw with my left hand even though I am predominantly right-handed otherwise.
2. Before settling on the name "Chris", 2 other names seriously being considered for me were the names "Patrick" and "Andrew".
3. I have the ability to talk my way out of getting a traffic ticket.
4. I once fought off a group of terrorists trying to take over a a dream.
5. I like animals.
6. I had the honor to have been voted student class Treasurer when I was back in school...elementary school, that is.
7. Incidentally, I also ate crayons back in elementary school.

And the following have now been tagged (sorry guys):

And there you have it! Till we meet again.


RAWLS said...

Great work my friend.... sadly I can't say the same about the tagging!!! But don't worry, I still class you as a friend... for now!!!

The Black Samurai said...

I love the composition of the solid shapes. The rain really breaks things up a bit. Fun tag!

&Rew said...

you participated.



Jon Hart said...

heh love this tagging thing going around, also great way to discover new artist =D. I really like your bg designs

Simon Scales said...

dig the new colors man!!

Shuku said...

And I have posted, brat. :P

And updated. I -do- like the Rainy Clutter City. Black and white comps? ;)


Nitai Kearney said...

Very nice work as always. I'd love to see one of these taken a bit further. Also thanks for the comment (and tag) on my blog. I always welcome the comments!

EL Gato Negro said...

great shapes you got going on

Philip Dimitriadis said...

Aesome Chris. Great to see 2 color examples!! Also reall like the one down below. Hope all is well!!
Merry Christmas..

Alina Chau said...

This is beautiful, love the layout design and the form and shape.

LauraBraga said...

hi Chris!!!
great illustration, i love your colors and composition!!!!
and....i wish you have a great time during these holidays!!! :)


DeathPlug said...

Great! Layouts!

Ken said...

I love the different atmosphere to the original image. Its got a great rainy and moody feel.. the kind of days I like :D

Marcos Mateu said...

I'd say I like this one even better. Nice work!

JeN said...

Awesome! I like this one ALOT! Great mood. You ate crayons too!?

Marcelo Vignali said...

Happy new year Chris.

You ate crayons? A friend of mine talked me into eating paste when I was six.


very cool.

Carol said...

Nice layout!!!

(Ate crayons? well, so did I... someone had the excellente idea of making them with cream smell, oh,my!)

un saludo!!!

James said...

One of my favorites - reminds me of places I'd walk by in Japan... in the rain :)

jen said...

This is RAD.